From production and songwriting to track-making and arrangement, mimi and vivi have staked out their turf as the production team DFT (Don't Fxxkin' Touch). Friends since childhood, the two grew up together in rough circumstances, reflected in the cynical outlook on society expressed in their music. Their rebellious spirit, however,has never failed to lead them in pursuit of a more "dope" existence, and this couldn't be more apparent in their art's outspoken criticism of commercial, capitalistic music.Armed with a passion for hip-hop and dance music, the duo scourges the soundscape, abducting other genres in a criminal plot to fuse them together to create an unstoppably killer cross-over. The result is an aural weapon of mass destruction capable of completely demolishing the walls between genres, and so powerful that its highly evolved,futuristic beats continue to reverberate far beyond the initial blast. Voraciously devouring every genre in sight, the pairs' insatiable appetite for sound is akin to the restless,persistent idea of "now" which this one-of-a-kind group embodies so completely.